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It is vital that emergency responders know your medical information before they can safely administer treatment.

Instant Identification

Your Membership number shown on your emblem enables you to be identified by emergency responders by a simple phone call to our 24-Hour Emergency Response Center.

24hr Emergency Response

MedicAlert™ relays your key medical facts to emergency responders, so you receive faster, safer treatment for your medical conditions, and avoid harmful or fatal reactions.

Family Notification

MedicAlert™ calls your family contacts and notifies them of your situation, so you won’t be alone in an emergency.

MedicAlert™ Zimbabwe is endorsed by numerous local and international organisations

Zimbabwe Medical Association

Epilepsy Support Foundation

Northern Alliance

Zimbabwe Diabetic Association

Alzheimer’s Association

Haemophilia Association

EMRAS (Emergency Medical Rescue Ambulance Service)

Final Exit Zimbabwe

Parkinson’s Association

The Northern Medical Aid Society

MedicAlert™ is the right choice to protect your health, life, privacy, and peace of mind.

Instant I.D.

We immediately identify you to emergency responders when they call, via the personal ID number shown on your emblem and card.


We help train emergency responders, so they recognize your MedicAlert™ Emblem, respect what it says, and call us for information that could save your life.

Peace of Mind

We call your family contacts, so you’re not alone in a medical emergency.


We respect the confidentiality of your medical and personal information. We will never give, rent or sell it to other companies or organizations.

Trust MedicAlert™ to speak for you in a medical emergency, when you cannot speak for yourself.

Welfare Organisation Registration Number W.O.20/83.

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